How to Start a Poulan Chainsaw

If you have been wondering how to start a Poulan chainsaw, it will really depend on the exact model of chainsaw that you have. However, the overall process is quite similar for most models with the exception of a few minor changes.

Read the Manual

Obviously, the first thing you should do is consult your owner’s manual. This will tell you how to start the particular model that you have in a step-by-step fashion. It will also provide you with some potentially important tips that you can use in the event that you need to troubleshoot your chainsaw. More often than not, you can correct the problem if it is not starting or running properly but you will need the owner’s manual in order to do it. As far as a general method of starting goes, continue reading to find out what you need to do.

how to start a poulan chainsawCheck Fluid Levels

After consulting your owner’s manual, the first thing you should do is to check the fluid levels on your chainsaw and ensure that all of the fluids have been filled and are in the correct proportions. Once that has been accomplished, move the choke so that it is in the “full” position. Immediately thereafter, ensure that the throttle is properly locked and that it is in the starting position. Some models will do this for you automatically when you move the choke into the “full” position while others will require that you do it manually.

Flip the Switch

Next, locate the on/off switch and turn it to the “on” position. Again, not all models have an on/off switch, so make sure that you have consulted your owner’s manual so that you are not spending a lot of wasted time looking for something that isn’t even there. Your next step will be to find the primer bulb and press it, usually about four to five times. You are trying to get all of the air out of the fuel line so it will require that you press it at least four times. However, try not to get carried away by pressing it more than five times because you might flood the chainsaw and prevent it from starting if you do.

Here is another variation when it comes to the particular model you are using. Some chainsaws have what is called a step-through handle on the rear of the chainsaw. If it does, place the saw on the ground and then place the front of your shoe through the handle so that you are holding onto the handlebar at the same time. If there is no step-through handle on your particular model, simply hold the handle bar and then add pressure so that the chainsaw is placed firmly against the ground. In either case, the idea is to ensure that the chainsaw cannot move when you begin the actual starting process.

Pull the Starter Rope

Now you are ready to begin pulling the starter rope. The saw might respond after one to five pulls but this is not always the case. If it tries to start but fails to come on or you have pulled the starter rope a total of five times with no luck, you should immediately move the choke into the “half” position and then resume pulling on the starter rope until it starts. If it starts before you have pulled it five times, simply move the choke into the same position and continue on to the next step.

Finally, allow the chainsaw to warm up, usually for about 30 seconds. Once it has completed its warm up, squeeze the trigger and then immediately release it so that the engine begins to idle. This will allow you to begin cutting and working with the chainsaw as needed.

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