How to Start a Husqvarna Chainsaw

Just like any other chainsaw, Husqvarna chainsaws have their own unique way of starting up. If there is enough air, gas, and spark then this two-cycle engine will start with no problem. It is very crucial to get that combination just right, and your Husqvarna chainsaw won’t start without it. When you are trying to start your Husqvarna chainsaw, it is important that you make sure and read the operator’s manual to learn exactly how to achieve the starting of your chainsaw. If you don’t read the manual, you will not be able to get your chainsaw started to use it.

Getting Started

Before you start up any power tool, it is important and crucial that you practice safety. When you are ready to begin starting up your chainsaw, you will start out by making sure to open the fuel cap. Then in an approved fuel container, you can then pour in the two-cycle engine oil. You will then need to add unleaded gasoline until it is completely full, then you will pour in the mixed gasoline into the empty fuel tank of your chainsaw and seal it back up. The next step that you will need to take will be to push the black chain, break forward toward the front hand guard on the top of the engine, and then locate the choke lever. The choke lever will be next to the rear handle and you will be able to identify it as the colored plastic part. You will need to set the choke lever to the setting that is labeled as the “half-opened” setting. To purge air inside of the system, you will need to push the air-purge button until the bulb fills with fuel, and you will be able to find this button next to the starter rope. Then located near the top of the chainsaw next to the cylinder, you will need to push the decompression button.

After you have finished following all of these steps, place the chainsaw on the ground, place your hand on the top of the front handle and slide your right foot into the rear handle. Once you have everything placed properly, you will then use your right hand to pull the starter rope on the chainsaw. Do not wrap the rope around your hand and pull it firmly and as quickly as you can, and then pull the rope until the engine starts. As soon as the engine “pops”, or fires, push the choke lever to the “closed” position. Then you will need to pull the starter rope again and again until the chainsaw begins to run. To disengage the clutch, and prevent any wear on the clutch, squeeze the throttle and the trigger lock after you pick the chainsaw up off of the ground. Then when you are ready to begin cutting, pull back on the chain brake.


In conclusion, when you are needing to start up your Husqvarna chainsaw, it is prudent that you make sure to follow the start up instructions very carefully. To make sure you do everything properly, it is necessary to read the operating manual, so you do not make any mistakes during the start up process. Any chainsaw you use will have a different way to start it up, and with your Husqvarna chainsaw, you will want to make sure that you do not damage it by starting it up in the wrong way. Taking your time during the start up process and operating everything properly, will allow for you to have an easy cutting and operating process, and allow you to handle this power tool in a safe and efficient way.

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