How Does a Chainsaw Work?

Trees take years to grow yet the chainsaw brings them down violently in seconds. What is the mechanism behind the working of the chainsaw? A chainsaw has two main parts. It has a saw blade that is wrapped around the guide bar and built on a chain. It has a small petrol /gasoline engine or […]

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11 Best Chainsaw Reviews 2018 – Our Top 10 Picks

best chainsaw reviews top 10 comparison

Almost everyone knows what a chainsaw is – a mechanical saw powered by a rotating chain moving along to a guide bar. These bad boys are used for everything, from cutting down huge trees (both for firewood AND for fire suppression in wild fires), to cutting up concrete. Yes. Concrete. If you’re looking for the […]

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Black+Decker LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw Review

Why would you want a cordless chainsaw? If you are looking to use the chainsaw within your home, you probably wouldn’t mind going in for a corded one. However, if you are looking for more flexibility and would want to use it outside, you need one without the cord. And that is where the Black+Decker […]

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How to Clean a Chainsaw Carburetor

Someone there might be wondering on how to clean a chainsaw carburetor. Well, cleaning your chainsaw carburetor will never be a big deal because this guide will help you. By understanding its two essential duties that are to bring air and gasoline to a ignition chamber of the engine, your washing process by always be […]

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