How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar

Looking to buy a chainsaw bar and want to measure it? Knowing the proper length of your chainsaw bar is essential for safety and smooth operation of your equipment. Many manufacturers sell their chains for chainsaws based on the length of the bar. It is should be noted that chainsaw bar and chainsaw blade both mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably.

Measurement of the blade itself is necessary for getting a spare one. You should never purchase a blade unless you are sure of the actual length of the chainsaw blade. In this guide we will teach you how to measure the length of your chainsaw blade in easy ways.

How to Measure Chainsaw Bar

One easy way to figure out the length is by checking out the model number. Many manufacturers include the bar length as a part of their model number. For example, it can be the first two digits of say a ten code model number. Refer to your user manual for details regarding information on deciphering the length of the chainsaw blade.

Measuring chainsaw bar manually

If you can’t determine the length of the bar or are not sure how to use your manual then follow this technique. You can measure the external length while some manufacturers require you to disassemble the equipment for proper measurement.

What you will need?

You will need the following items to measure your chainsaw. They aren’t much and it would take only a few minutes before you know just how long your chainsaw really is.

  1. A measuring tape
  2. A socket and ratchet in case you have to open the chainsaw
  3. A well lit working area


Remember, while you might want to work with chainsaws, they can be dangerous too. You must adopt all the precautions that apply for working with any power tool. Ensure the chainsaw is not in operation and unplug it from the power source. Then follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1

Hold the measuring tape at the point where the blade emerges from the machinery. Stretch the tap to the tip of the blade at the other end.

Step 2

Holding both the ends steadily, take a reading and note it down. The reading is the actual length of your chainsaw.

Step 3

Your reading may come out in fraction or uneven. In that case round the figure to the nearest even number. Standard lengths of chainsaw bars are around 16, 18 and 20 inches though the professional grade chainsaw baled go up to 42 inches. With the rounded off figure you will be able to order your replacement chainsaw bar for companies who base it on chainsaw length.

Secondary measurement of chainsaw bar

Some companies require you to find out the actual length of the chainsaw bar for which you have to open up the tool.

  • Use the socket and ratchet to disassemble the chainsaw.
  • Take out the actual blade and place it on a table. Take the measuring tape and record the end to end length.

This gives you the actual chainsaw bar length which some companies require for replacement blades.

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