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How to Change a Chainsaw Blade

Regular use of your saw calls for frequent sharpening as well as occasional replacement especially if you do chainsaw art. Moreover, you need to remove the guide bar and chain to clean the oil ports. To make your job easier, a saw comes with a spanner. Step by step guide on how to change a […]

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How Does a Chainsaw Work?

Trees take years to grow yet the chainsaw brings them down violently in seconds. What is the mechanism behind the working of the chainsaw? A chainsaw has two main parts. It has a saw blade that is wrapped around the guide bar and built on a chain. It has a small petrol /gasoline engine or […]

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How to Clean a Chainsaw Carburetor

Someone there might be wondering on how to clean a chainsaw carburetor. Well, cleaning your chainsaw carburetor will never be a big deal because this guide will help you. By understanding its two essential duties that are to bring air and gasoline to a ignition chamber of the engine, your washing process by always be […]

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