Hi guys! My name is Frank and welcome to BestChainsaw.Reviews!

Who am I?

I’m just a regular Joe who owns a family run tree maintenance business that’s been operating for more than a decade. Don’t confuse garden landscaping to tree maintenance because they are two different things. I won’t go into too much detail but basically, my team and I don’t design and implement garden landscapes. Instead, we take care of the trees in our clients’ properties.

Why I Got into the Tree Maintenance Business

Having grown up in a fruit farm, I was constantly surrounded with trees. My grandpa, who also grew up in a fruit farm, knew a lot about fruit bearing trees and would always share his knowledge whenever he would visit. You could say that he was the one who instilled my interest in trees. My fascination with trees did not stop when I grew older so when it was time to decide what career I wanted to build on for my future, I decided I would put up a tree maintenance business.

First thing I did was complete an arborist course at a local training center. If you think growing up in a farm and having a self-taught tree loving grandpa gave me an edge in the course, it didn’t. I didn’t imagine that there were so much scientific stuff involved in maintaining trees! Nevertheless, I tried to unlearn some of the things my grandpa taught me and focused on the scientific side of caring for trees.

After 6 months, I finally received my Basic Arborist certificate and was ready to start my business. My tree maintenance business first started as a 3-man team with only a couple of tools and one chainsaw. But as the years went by and my business grew, I started hiring more people and investing in additional tools and equipment.

To date, my tree maintenance business is comprised of 150 staffs and from one chainsaw, I now have 50.

So Why BestChainsaw.Reviews?

As I was building my business and investing in more chainsaws and other power tools, I realized that there wasn’t enough resource for information for buyers. This has lead to a lot of trials and errors and wasted money on my part because I sometimes ended up buying a chainsaw that couldn’t really give the power that I needed.

In an effort to somehow help startup tree maintenance businesses and even homeowners, I decided to put up this website so I could share my knowledge on chainsaws and also provide thorough and honest reviews on particular chainsaw brands and models.

If it’s your first time here, please feel free to click around to see which products I’ve already reviewed and don’t forget to read through the guides because that’s where I share my professional knowledge and tips and tricks on tree maintenance. Don’t forget to check back often because I will regularly post new stuff that’s definitely worth reading if you’re interested in chainsaws!

Thanks for visiting and I do hope you enjoy my website!